VIP packages
We have six different VIP packages. Half of them are for solo players and the other half are for teams of 5 players. All packages includes the same benefits but with Supreme and Global you get more time and also some discount. If you have a team you get additional discounts.

Swish: 123 025 95 98

* You need to give us your STEAMID. You can do this by adding it to the donation message in Swish/Paypal. You can also contact us directly via mail or Discord and give us your STEAMID there. You also need to specify if you are donating for Team package and all STEAMIDs might not fit into the message on Swish/Paypal, so you will need to contact us directly in that case.

* The one who pays for team package decides which STEAMIDs should be added. And you can switch out STEAMIDs at any time, in case of team changes. You need to contact us for changes.

* It may take up to a couple of days before the donation is registered, send mail (kontakt@brutalcs.nu) or a PM to Ejziponken on the site / Discord for faster management.

* No refunds are made for any reason, and we reserve for any updates that affect the functionality of reserved slots on the servers.

* You need to connect via console by typing "connect IP" to use reserved slot.

BrutalCS VIP Benefits
* Reserved slot on our CSGO servers (Duels excluded)
* [BrutalCS VIP] Tag on our servers (Duels excluded)
* No HUD or HINT advertise in-game
* "Very Important Persons" role on Discord

Solo Packages - 1 player

BrutalCS Legendary Package
Length: 1 month
Price: 8 Euro / 80 SEK

BrutalCS Supreme Package - Save €4
Length: 3 months
Price: 20 Euro / 200 SEK

BrutalCS Global Elite Package - Save €8
Length: 6 months
Price: 40 Euro / 400 SEK

Team Packages - 5 players

BrutalCS Legendary Team Package - Save €5
Length: 1 month
Price: 35 Euro / 350 SEK

BrutalCS Supreme Team Package - Save €30
Length: 3 months
Price: 90 Euro / 900 SEK

BrutalCS Global Elite Team Package - Save €70
Length: 6 months
Price: 170 Euro / 1700 SEK