Patchnotes för ny CSGO-uppdatering.

- Dedicated servers hosting workshop maps now record previously hosted collection information. This allows workshop servers to keep operating when steam servers are down.

- Old versions of workshop maps now properly remove themselves from disk when the map gets renamed.

- If a server is running a map group and has mp_endmatch_votenextmap set to 1, players vote for the next map at the end of the match

- Fixed a regression where leaderboards were sometimes not getting updated for classic competitive mode.

- Added concommand tv_time_remaining that prints how much time is remaining to the broadcast after the match has ended. This provides admins a method to confirm that the broadcast is complete before changing the level.

- Round backup files now correctly strip workshop path when expanding %map% pattern token.

- Round backups now correctly restore player team assignments even when restoring backup from other match half or from halftime.

- Round backups support restoring match in overtime phase.

- mp_warmup_end can now only be called if in warmup.

- Team changes in warmup now take effect immediately.

- Added built-in game rules for resolving tied competitive matches in overtime periods.

- Overtime convars:

- mp_overtime_enable - match will go to overtime if tied in regulation time.

- mp_overtime_maxrounds( default 6 ) - sets number of rounds for overtime, teams switch sides halfway through the overtime.

- mp_overtime_startmoney( default 10000 ) - sets starting money for each overtime half.

- mp_overtime_halftime_pausetimer - when enabled will turn on another convar mp_halftime_pausetimer after tied regulation time and after each overtime half which would require match server admin/bot to set mp_halftime_pausetimer to zero when teams are ready to proceed.
Skriven av:Christopher 'Ejziponken' Szabo
Publicerad:2013-03-07 20:33
Senast ändrad:2013-03-07 20:34
2013-03-07 21:33
de ba köör :cool:
2013-03-08 18:33
Bara jag som tycker sensen blivit tokig?
2013-03-12 08:11
#2 sensen e så sjukt hög på cs:go ställt ner på windows och cs:go max.. fortfarande typ "3" i sens som på cs 1.6 ....
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