Release Notes for 3/21/2013

- Added new Hostage Rescue map cs_militia

- Update Hostage Rescue Mode rules

- Hostage positions are randomly assigned at the beginning of the match. The hostages will start at these positions for the entire match.

- Hostages are now carried by CTs instead of following behind.

- Hold +use for 4 seconds to pick up a hostage. (Equipping a rescue kit will decrease the time required to 1 second.)

- CTs win a round when the first hostage is rescued.

- Reduced round timer. Round time is extended when the first hostage has been picked up.

- Rebalanced money rewards to accommodate new rules.

- Hostages now indicate whether they are above or below you on the radar.

- cs_office, cs_assault, and cs_italy have updated to use random hostage spawn points.

- Added convars to modify new hostage rules

-- mp_hostages_max - Sets the maximum number of hostages to spawn.

-- mp_hostages_rescuetime - Setting 0 removes the time extension when CTs pick up the first hostage.

-- mp_hostages_spawn_farthest - Setting 1 forces hostage spawn points to choose be the farthest possible combinations.

-- mp_hostages_spawn_force_positions - Setting a comma separate list (ex: 0,2 ) forces specific hostage spawn point combinations.

-- mp_hostages_spawn_same_every_round - Setting 0 randomizes the hostage spawn points every round.

-- mp_hostages_takedamage - Setting 0 allows hostages to be hurt.

- Added hostage entity properties for new hostage rules

-- HostageSpawnRandomFactor - Allows to increase probability of hostage random spawning rules to use that spawn point.

-- HostageSpawnExclusionGroupN - Hostages sharing same spawn exclusion group will never spawn together.

- The action of defusing a bomb will now terminate when you turn your view too far from facing the bomb.

- Players always play a quiet client-side jump sound that can only be heard by the jumper.

- Players play the regular jump (step) sound when moving greater than walk speed that can be heard by both the jumper and all clients in earshot.

- The timer that performs the random map selection visuals now properly gets killed when the scoreboard hides.

- Fixed convar mp_weapons_allow_map_place not properly eliminating map-placed weapons. NOTE: FY servers will need to set this convar to 1.

- Added an option to func_dustmotes entity volumes that lets them choose to not be affected by wind.

- Fixed in-game clipping for triple-monitor rendering configurations.

- Added overtime indicator to GOTV spectators miniscoreboard.

- Radar should now correctly follow spectated player when spectating via GOTV.

- Adjusted score and MVP rewards for gameplay events related to planting, defending and defusing the bomb, and for reaching, protecting and extracting hostages.

- Steam overlay game details will now correctly show players score.

- Fixed special characters of player name not correctly displaying in some UI elements.

- Fixed a bug where friends were banned from joining parties where one of the members failed to recently accept a competitive match.
Skriven av:Christopher 'Ejziponken' Szabo
Publicerad:2013-03-22 00:49
2013-03-22 09:20
Awrsome för all go lirare
2013-03-26 13:43
skulle hellre varit mirage och mill istället!
2013-03-27 17:54
#2 Jadu, dom lär nog ALDRIG göra en mirage eller mill karta eftersom det itne var dom som kom på dom.. :P
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