Release notes April 25, 2013

* Shipping “Operation” Payback”

* “Operation Payback, “ is a Classic Casual map group made up of seven top-rated Workshop maps on official servers.

* Allowed players to invite friends to play “OP” even if they haven’t purchased

* Added upgradeable challenge coin, viewable in avatar, that progresses from bronze to silver to gold with play

Radar changes

* Spectators' radar was replaced with a minimap, allowing for better orientation and action-following without resorting to the overview.

* When playing competitive or with sv_competitive_official_5v5 set, the minimap will show player hotkey values like the overview map does.

* Added convar cl_radar_always_centered ( default 1 ) then when set to 0 makes more efficient use of the radar at the expense of moving the POV away from the center.

* Added 2 options to the radar, allowing players to change the scale and orientation. These are exposed in the Game Settings menu, or directly with the cl_radar_scale ( default 0.7 ) and cl_radar_rotate ( default 1 ) convars, respectively.

* Added convar cl_radar_icon_scale_min ( default 0.6 ) that allows radar icons to be kept large when the scale is reduced.

* Moved the planted bomb icon from below the radar to the timer.

* Fixed radar showing above or below on a player when spectating them from chase.

CS:GO Player Profile:

* All players can now view other players medals/coins on the in-game Player Profile page.

* Friends can now view your wins and Skill Group on your in-game Player Profile page.

* You can now view a Player's Profile page by hitting Z (the Command Radio Message key) when spectating that player.

* Added a shortcut to view a friend's CS:GO Player Profile page from the main menu friends list.

§ Added "Disable Autogenerated DM Spawns?" to info_map_parameters entity that allows mapper to specify that no dm spawns should be autogenerated and will be mapper-placed instead.

* Added more options for map filtering in server browser:

* The default map filter now performs substring matching. (dust will find de_dust2_se, cs_dustyhouse, workshop or fastdl versions of maps, etc.)

* A single slash will search for a prefix in the base map name. (/cs will search for all hostage rescue maps)

* An asterisk will search for a map name suffix. (*_se will search for any map ending in "_se")

* A double slash will search for an exact map name prefix. (///125488374/ will search for the official workshop de_dust2_se. ///official will search for all official workshop non-se maps)

* Added support for official cs_militia map workshop id 133256570 to be played as part of dedicated servers workshop collection mapcycle.
Skriven av:Christopher 'Ejziponken' Szabo
Publicerad:2013-04-26 03:16
2013-04-26 06:12
härligt med lite updates! :)
2013-04-26 08:47
#1, Lite?! Detta är ju mer än ett A4 :)
2013-04-26 10:16
2013-04-27 18:18
#2 Nej.

#1 Indeed
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