Release Notes for 8/27/2014


- Added positional audio support for players using Mumble voice chat.

- Fixed case where sniper scope blur was not accurately representing full sniper weapon inaccuracy when scoped.

- Fixed a bug where in some cases a bullet didn't know it had penetrated a player hitbox if it started by penetrating another surface first and hadn't exited before "hitting" the hitbox.

- Fixed weapon damage falloff distances getting reset every time a surface was penetrated, which allowed weapons to shoot farther than they should if they penetrated an object first (like the sawedoff).

- Terminated birthday party.

- Increased Zeus price to 400.


- Fixed a regression with fov_cs_debug convar.


- Mirage

-- Removed various unintended boost-spots

-- Moved some flowers at top of mid

- Overpass

-- Updated based on feedback and observations from ESL One Cologne

--- Removed tall sandbags near Bombsite B which could be used to two-man boost onto and peek/shoot into T water

--- Added a intended boost spot in its place, where you can two-man boost. Wall near position is bangable from both sides.

--- Removed boost on green wall in playground

--- Removed position on toilet mid entrance which could be used to get an angle on toilet entrance

--- Fixed some spots where C4 could get stuck

--- Removed grass on low cover near Bombsite A which obstructed peeking

--- Changed some textures and lighting to improve visibility and reduce environment noise

--- Moved lightpost at entrance to Bombsite A to remove gap

--- Closed off hut at Bombsite A

--- Railing outside of squeaky door no longer blocks bullets or grenades

- Rush

-- Various balance tweaks, optimizations and bug fixes

- Insertion

-- Added unique sounds for each spawn
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Publicerad:2014-08-28 08:18
2014-08-28 09:25
Utöver mirage så var det ointressant.. :(
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