På grund av en seg sida kom Fnatic efter med att avslöja spelarbytet. De har valt att gottgöra för det genom att nu släppa en nyhet som fyller upp totalt fyra sidor. Bland annat finns det intressanta intervjuer med cArn, GeT_RiGhT, ins och Giants.


Do you think GeT_RiGhT will be able to fill your position and what is your opinion about him replacing you?
Ins: I think he will fill my place by far, Get Right is not really a new player to the scene but since hes not been to the big tournaments he has loads of motivation for the game and I hope that will be like a chain reaction for the rest of the team. This was my problem in 2008, I didnt really have any motivation for the game anymore and didnt really enjoy playing that much. GetRight is also one of the most skilled players right now; maybe even better than f0rest at the moment


Fnatic has been suffering some downtime since late 2008, what is the main problem behind in your minds and how will you help to get fnatic a better team in the year to come?
GeT_RiGht: I think they were a little tired of the game at the end they needed a break at the same time as they felt it needed a small change in the squad and that is where I come into the picture. young, a very willing person who wants to win everything!


There are many talented players out there. What's the main reason behind this final decision of GeT_RiGhT instead of the others?
cArn: The main reason is that we need fresh blood in our team. 2008 was not a complete disaster for us, but we felt that we are not evolving in-game. Christopher is probably the most talented rising star I´ve every seen, he will come into our team with his amazing skills, but also the hunger to compete on an international level where he has not as much experience as the rest of us. Fnatic 1.6 has always been about friendship and teamwork, we will work hard to assimilate him into the group. There's a new year ahead with many challenges, I feel eager to reclaim the seat as the best team in the world.

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Skriven av: 'Kane'
Publicerad:2009-01-19 20:29
2009-01-19 20:52
Fina intervjuer, fina svar. :)
2009-01-20 15:43
Fnatic,grymma pöjkar där :)
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