Det finska superlaget med bland annat lurppis och naSu i spetsen fick under 2008 lämna organisationen Gameplay. Efter ett par månader utan organisation i ryggen har laget äntligen hittat ett hem i form av Crack Clan.

Även ett spelarbyte har aviserats, där "ruuit" byts ut mot "SPIKEONE". Crack Clan har sedan tidigare bland annat ett framgångsrikt lag i 1.6, som ligger i Europas top10.

På sedvanligt maner är såväl spelare som organisationen snabba ut med officiella uttalanden.


"Well we've been without any backing for a few months now but finally we've secured ourselves a new home which will let us attend all the upcoming big events starting with IEM finals next week. It took us a while but now that events are guaranteed we can finally focus on practicing and doing our own thing instead of a manager’s work.

As for ruuit, he's probably the most skilled player there's ever been in Finland but we agreed that we could sacrifice some skill if that would mean we could practice on a daily basis for events, a bit like Archi's case I guess. Although ruuit liked to play CS as well he liked other things a bit too much to sacrifice them for practice which lead to everyone getting really annoyed at showing up five days a week only to find out a guy's.

So we decided as a team that we shouldn't go on like this and just "hope" for good results out of events just out of skill instead of team play/practice so we're recruiting SPIKEONE who's played for Finland’s #2 team since.... 2006(?) and is finally getting his shot with us so hopefully he'll be the fresh blood we need and help us get some trophies this year." - Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen


"Well I guess finally we caught a break after some bad luck with online leagues (missing EPS finals by 2 round difference, EM finals by 1 map difference) but at the same time we have VERY limited time to practice going in, two days online and 2½ days bootcamp in Berlin but hopefully we can make the most out of it and turn some heads." - Luke Cotton, Crack Clan

[icon]pictures/flags/fi.gif[/icon]Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen
[icon]pictures/flags/fi.gif[/icon]Samu "plastE" Aalto
[icon]pictures/flags/fi.gif[/icon]Niko "naSu" Kovanen
[icon]pictures/flags/fi.gif[/icon]Juuso "contE" Sajakoski
[icon]pictures/flags/fi.gif[/icon]Matti "SPIKEONE" Järvinen

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Skriven av: 'Kane'
Publicerad:2009-02-27 17:44
2009-02-27 17:53
schysta puckar!
2009-02-28 00:20
Nice! :)
2009-02-28 02:41
fult namn :p
2009-02-28 07:38
åå dom snor mitt namn :D
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