Pandemic är en av de större lirarna inom amerikansk esport, men har på senare tid lyst med sin frånvaro på 1.6-scenen. Detta är nu ett minne blott, då Pandemic idag kan avslöja att de plockat upp MoBs 1.6-lag.

Laget har med sina tidigare framgångar placerat sig i USAs finrum, och kommer att debutera på KODE5-finalerna i Mars.


-TeamPandemic, LLC. is proud to announce its long-awaited return to Counter-Strike 1.6. After much deliberation, Pandemic is excited to welcome the lineup formerly known as MoB Gaming.

The new team will consist of several names familiar to the Pandemic family as well as a strong west-coast CS influence. Returning are Hoang "sonny" Tran and Chad "daffsta" White, regulars in the organization's '05-'07 roster, and their '07-'08 CGS Carolina Core teammate Cyrus "org" Habibi. Jimmy "foogz" Koller and Noah "Striker" Alvarado, Check-Six teammates and longtime friends and competitors, round out the squad.

"I've looked forward to this day for some time," said Chris Lemley, President of TeamPandemic, LLC. "Pandemic's roots are in CS and it's a move that's long overdue. I put alot of time and consideration into what our 2009 roster would be, and we evaluated many teams and individuals in the process... we certainly appreciate all those who expressed interest in playing for our organization. When it was all said and done, I simply couldn't put my faith and full support anywhere else. It's good to be back."

Chad "Daffsta" White echoed the sentiment. "It feels good to be back in Pandemic and playing 1.6 with some of my old teammates again," he said. "I think this lineup has alot more raw skill then our previous rosters and I can't wait to prove it."

[icon]pictures/flags/us.gif[/icon]Hoang "sonny" Tran
[icon]pictures/flags/us.gif[/icon]Chad "Daffsta" White
[icon]pictures/flags/us.gif[/icon]Cyrus "org" Habibi
[icon]pictures/flags/us.gif[/icon]Jimmy "foogz" Koller
[icon]pictures/flags/us.gif[/icon]Noah "Striker" Alvarado

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Skriven av: 'Kane'
Publicerad:2009-02-28 11:45
2009-02-28 17:15
Händer mycket i cs karriären nu tycker jag :]
2009-03-02 13:17
#1 Mjo, jag säger då det :)
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