fRoD har med sina snabba reflexer och effektfyllda fragfilmer lyckats frälsa en hel generation av CS-spelare. Många fanboys blev blöta i ögat när fRoD sålde sin själ till CGS, men skrek av glädje när nämnda spelare gick tillbaka till 1.6.

Jänkaren inledde sin comeback i coL, för att sedan hoppa över till EG.usa. Gotfrag har gjort en purfärsk intervju med legenden, där han bland annat svarar på hur övergången från Source till 1.6 var, och även vad hans förväntningar är på KODE5-finalerna.


After two seasons with the CGS playing Source, you, along with most of your team, returned to competitive 1.6 play by joining the Evil Geniuses organization. Was the transition back to 1.6 hard for you, or were you able to pretty much pick up where you left off?

For the most part, the transition was somewhat easy for a few reasons. Firstly, we played cs for over 8 years at least each of us and secondly, source requires some similar concepts such as precision, timing, gun control, and strategies. We know that we have a lot of work to do since we are working hard on some of the concepts that need more attention in 1.6, such as chemistry, rotations, timed strategies, etc. to make sure we are staying as fresh and diverse as a squad as possible.

In hindsight it looks as though the move to the CGS for you personally was a smart choice. Even still, are there any regrets you might have about leaving CS 1.6 while you were still at the top of your game, or are you just glad to be able to have the opportunity to choose your own path when it comes to competitive gaming?

For me, I have no regrets in what I do, because I put a lot of thought into my actions since I take this game extremely serious. The thought of having a league that could potentially make gaming into what we have all wanted was something that I couldn't pass up on. Doing whatever I can to make gaming get bigger each day has been one my many goals throughout this game, because I know the importance of progressing as much as we can for that common goal.

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