Vi har nu vår egna Teamspeak 3 server som hostas utav Dathost.net. Hos oss kan du få ditt egna rum med lösenord som är online dygnet runt.

IP: ts3.brutalcs.nu (Klicka för att ansluta direkt) Tillfälligt IP till nya TS3 servern: jon.dathost.net:9676

Hur man gör för att få ett rum:
För att få ett eget rum på BrutalCS.nu TS3-server så skriver du till en admin ( ikonen) inne på TS3-servern. Får du inget svar kan du även skriva på IRC (#BrutalCS) eller på discord:
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Annars kan du skicka ett mail till oss:

Mailet ska innehålla följande:
  • Användarnamn på BrutalCS.nu
  • Namn på rummet
  • Lösenord till rummet

  • Krav för att få ett rum:
  • Registrerad och godkänd användare

  • Regler:
    §1 Använd sunt förnuft, och bemöt andra så som du själv vill bli bemött. Poke/chatt-spamma inte och uppför dig.

    §2 Följ admins ord utan gnäll. Passar det inte finns det andra servrar att vara på.

    §3 Endast en kanal per användare.

    §4 Om ett rum är inaktivt för länge så kommer den plockas bort. Om ditt rum tagits bort, kan du prata med en admin för att få tillbaks den.

    DatHost AB is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden but we have servers in multiple places around the world. We are continously adding on additional server locations based on where the demand is highest.

    DatHost was founded in 2012, and started out as a fun side-project. Since then, we have grown immensely and today we're a real business, and our services are used by over 200,000 gamers from all over the world.

    Of course, this meant that we had increased responsibilities towards our users, and because of this we entirely scrapped the system we initially built. At the start of 2015 DatHost was relaunched in what we call "DatHost V.2", which is what you see today. This update significantly improved the services we offered and we're proud to say that today we're one of the most modern and user-friendly services out there. We could drone on and on about the technical leaps and vast improvements we made during this change, but we won't bore you with the details. If, however, you're the type of geek who likes this kind of stuff, you can read more about the update here.

    Don't be evil

    It's no secret that as a business we try to generate revenue, but we try not to do so at the expense of our users. The things we do should be for the benefits of many, not for ourselves. We should try, as much as possible, not to do things that bring others harm.
    Never forget who we are.

    We started this because we're gamers. This means that we try to be fun, cool people that communicate with our users the way they communicate to us. We're trying to be serious without a suit.

    There's no such thing as second best
    Being gamers, we're naturally competitive. This means that we always strive to be the best. We don't settle for being "one of the best gameserver hosts". We want to be the best, and listening to our users will get us there.

    We strive to make our services as easy as possible to use. We do this using clever product design. Where we feel necessary, we take a different route than our competitors and come up with innovative and better solutions to age old problems, instead of sticking with the same solution just because "that's how things have always been done".
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